doug & maureen: married

I met Doug and Maureen out in Edmonton a while back. Little did I know, a couple years later they’d be getting hitched and would ask me to shoot their big day! Maureen is originally from PEI AND not only that, her family owns Rossignol Winery in Little Sands. Needless to say, they knew where they would be getting married. It was definitely a dream venue and a dream wedding.

This couple is talented, loving and lovely. So happy we got to share this with you guys!




Doug & Maureen_54

Doug & Maureen_60


Doug & Maureen_30

Doug & Maureen_33

Doug & Maureen_31

Doug & Maureen_38

Doug & Maureen_67

Doug & Maureen_70

Doug & Maureen_79

Doug & Maureen_102

Doug & Maureen_122

Doug & Maureen_138

Doug & Maureen_170

Doug & Maureen_185

Doug & Maureen_218

Doug & Maureen_220

Doug & Maureen_225

Doug & Maureen_229

Doug & Maureen_236

Doug & Maureen_247

Doug & Maureen_252

Doug & Maureen_257

Doug & Maureen_259

Doug & Maureen_260

Doug & Maureen_276

Doug & Maureen_297

Doug & Maureen_290

Doug & Maureen_309

Doug & Maureen_310

Doug & Maureen_317

Doug & Maureen_320

Doug & Maureen_360

Doug & Maureen_356



Doug & Maureen_366

Doug & Maureen_375

Doug & Maureen_28

Doug & Maureen_381

Doug & Maureen_377

Doug & Maureen_413

Doug & Maureen_431

Doug & Maureen_434

Doug & Maureen_461

Doug & Maureen_476


Doug & Maureen_475

Doug & Maureen_444


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