matt & marianne: engaged

These two met sitting next to each other on a plane. How romantic is that?

Matt is a long time friend of mine and even though I’ve only spent a few hours getting to know Marianne I can already tell these two are meant for each other. They live in Oslo (where Marianne is from) but they’ll be coming back home for their wedding in July! My heart gets all fluttery thinking about them!

Also, shout out to Matt’s sweet momma Linda for holding umbrellas and jackets and blankets for us!

Sweaters and fog: my favourite combo.

Matt & Marianne Engaged-4

Matt & Marianne Engaged-5

Matt & Marianne Engaged-7

Matt & Marianne Engaged-8

Matt & Marianne Engaged-10

Matt & Marianne Engaged-13

Matt & Marianne Engaged-18

Matt & Marianne Engaged-21

Matt & Marianne Engaged-33

Matt & Marianne Engaged-35

Matt & Marianne Engaged-37

Matt & Marianne Engaged-63

Matt & Marianne Engaged-65

Matt & Marianne Engaged-70

Matt & Marianne Engaged-72

Matt & Marianne Engaged-74

Matt & Marianne Engaged-78

Matt & Marianne Engaged-85

Matt & Marianne Engaged-86

Matt & Marianne Engaged-90

Matt & Marianne Engaged-93

Matt & Marianne Engaged-101

Matt & Marianne Engaged-103

Matt & Marianne Engaged-114

Matt & Marianne Engaged-116

Matt & Marianne Engaged-118

Matt & Marianne Engaged-121

Matt & Marianne Engaged-123

Matt & Marianne Engaged-128

Matt & Marianne Engaged-51

Matt & Marianne Engaged-132

Matt & Marianne Engaged-134

Matt & Marianne Engaged-137

sophie & alex

Here are just a handful of images Alex & Sophies beautiful valley wedding.

Not only was their love for each other so evident, the way they make each other happy was too. Oh the laughs!

Alex & Sophie Married-2

Alex & Sophie Married-12

Alex & Sophie Married-4

Alex & Sophie Married-73

Alex & Sophie Married-64

Alex & Sophie Married-68

Alex & Sophie Married-75

Alex & Sophie Married-103

Alex & Sophie Married-87

Alex & Sophie Married-108

Alex & Sophie Married-139

Alex & Sophie Married-159

Alex & Sophie Married-158

Alex & Sophie Married-183

Alex & Sophie Married-241

Alex & Sophie Married-337

Alex & Sophie Married-249

Alex & Sophie Married-258

Alex & Sophie Married-279

Alex & Sophie Married-281

Alex & Sophie Married-291

Alex & Sophie Married-313

Alex & Sophie Married-321

Alex & Sophie Married-308

Alex & Sophie Married-325

Alex & Sophie Married-327

Alex & Sophie Married-354

Alex & Sophie Married-353

Alex & Sophie Married-360

Alex & Sophie Married-366

Alex & Sophie Married-368

Alex & Sophie Married-372

Alex & Sophie Married-381

Alex & Sophie Married-387

Alex & Sophie Married-385

Alex & Sophie Married-402

Alex & Sophie Married-397

Alex & Sophie Married-412

Alex & Sophie Married-411

Alex & Sophie Married-438

Alex & Sophie Married-448

Alex & Sophie Married-450

Alex & Sophie Married-451