katelyn maternity

My beautiful friend Katelyn and her husband Keegan are about to become parents for the first time! I was so honoured to be the one to capture the last days of her pregnancy before baby Pronk is in their arms <3
So excited for you guys- can’t wait to meet your BABY!!!!

Maternity Photos-24

Maternity Photos-19

Maternity Photos-2

Maternity Photos-33

Maternity Photos-161

Maternity Photos-162

Maternity Photos-164

Maternity Photos-53

Maternity Photos-54

Maternity Photos-59

Maternity Photos-78

Maternity Photos-67

Maternity Photos-72

Maternity Photos-90

Maternity Photos-92

Maternity Photos-95

Maternity Photos-87

Maternity Photos-104

Maternity Photos-110

Maternity Photos-131

Maternity Photos-133

Maternity Photos-138

Maternity Photos-142


the stewarts

I’ve known Emily-Anne and her darling parents almost my entire life. (These people are the sweeeeeetest!) She was home from Vancouver over the holidays and so they asked me to get some family shots of them while they were together! We did a photoshoot in the fre-e-e-e-e-zing cold. (Thank you Larry for offering your coat to me multiple times<3) I am kind of sort of very done with winter already…it makes photo shoots so much trickier! Thankfully these guys were troopers and we got some great shots, here are just a few!

Stewart Clan 2014-9

Stewart Clan 2014-13

Stewart Clan 2014-39

Stewart Clan 2014-56

Stewart Clan 2014-67

Stewart Clan 2014-62

Stewart Clan 2014-65

Stewart Clan 2014-104

Stewart Clan 2014-113

Stewart Clan 2014-115


Eryn Maternity

Only another month or so until Eryn & Eric meet little baby Matheson! I didn’t realize just how special my maternity photos would be to me until I had my baby. It is absolutely incredible to look back and see the amazing things your body was capable of …housing a little growing human! Crazy. I’m was so happy to be able to capture some moments with these two before their little bundle is in their arms. (which is so so soon! eeek!)

Maternity Photos-1

Maternity Photos-3

Maternity Photos-12

Maternity Photos-25

Maternity Photos-17

Maternity Photos-42

Maternity Photos-47

Maternity Photos-49

Maternity Photos-71

Maternity Photos-86

Maternity Photos-89


A few shots I did for Daniel at the new Halifax Central Library! What a treat. My solution for cold horrible winter photography.

Daniel Dec 16-1

Daniel Dec 16-14

Daniel Dec 16-24

Daniel Dec 16-43

Jacqueline & Collin: Engaged

Being home in the Annapolis Valley in the fall is the best thing in the world. It is so gorgeous.
So when this couple mentioned they love the valley and would like to get engagement photos done there I was over the moon! Shot at Grand Pre National Park and around…

How beautiful are these people!?  Can’t wait for their December wedding!

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-1

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-12

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-19

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-16

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-27
Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-42

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-43

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-35

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-47
Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-89

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-90

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-94

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-106

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-98

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-103

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-116

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-149

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-146

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-153

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-166

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-169

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-172

Colin & Jacqueline- Engaged-179

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-181

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-198

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-207

Colin & Jacqueline: Engaged-214

Cello Girl

Had some fun last week shooting talented musicians and fellow Dartmouthians Catherine & Brad. The sitting room in the beautiful Waverly Inn was the perfect backdrop for our shoot.
For anyone looking for music for a special occasion, seriously consider these folks. So talented! Kinda wish I had a swanky reception to plan!

Cello Girl & One Man Band  www.cellogirl.ca





Oct 27, 2014-69

Oct 27, 2014-46

Oct 27, 2014-44



Oct 27, 2014-103