Simon: 9 months

My baby boy is 9 months old today. I thought it would be fun to put my clothes on him, he thought it was fun for 2 minutes.
Thankfully in those 2 minutes I was able to get some preeeeeeeetty adorable photos.







caleb & jillian: married

It was my absolute joy to watch my best friend’s little brother marry the love of his life on May 31st, 2014. It was my joy not just to watch it happen, but to be able to capture the day and their love with my camera. It was honestly an honour for me.

Caleb & Jill have been sweethearts for a long time so it was really special to watch them make this commitment before God to each other. The weather was gorgeous, their families & friends from near and far all gathered around them to celebrate. Jillian’s joy is contagious. She lights up any room she walks into with her big smile and her countenance. And Caleb is the perfect match for her. Not only is he hilarious (my brother and I have a multitude of “Caleb quotes”) but he is sensitive and sweet. I know he will care for Jillian like he promised in his vows. (sniff, honestly- I had to wipe some tears) These two are very dear to Josh and I, and I am so excited to see what the years ahead hold for them! Great things I know as they keep walking in their faith- now as one, brighter and stronger than before. (Love you guys! Come visit us!)


Caleb & Jillian_6

Caleb & Jillian_12

Caleb & Jillian_22

Caleb & Jillian_27

  Caleb & Jillian_40

Caleb & Jillian_44

Caleb & Jillian_51

Caleb & Jillian_55

Caleb & Jillian_59

Caleb & Jillian_79

Caleb & Jillian_86

  Caleb & Jillian_95

Caleb & Jillian_125

Caleb & Jillian_88

Caleb & Jillian_139

Caleb & Jillian_163

Caleb & Jillian_202

Caleb & Jillian_287

Caleb & Jillian_240

Caleb & Jillian_270

Caleb & Jillian_274

  Caleb & Jillian_425

Caleb & Jillian_439

Caleb & Jillian_446

Caleb & Jillian_478

Caleb & Jillian_484

Caleb & Jillian_486

Caleb & Jillian_491

Caleb & Jillian_494

Caleb & Jillian_508

   Caleb & Jillian_511

Caleb & Jillian_512

Caleb & Jillian_514

Caleb & Jillian_516

Caleb & Jillian_529

Caleb & Jillian_532

Caleb & Jillian_541

Caleb & Jillian_497

Caleb & Jillian_579

Caleb & Jillian_583

Caleb & Jillian_593

Caleb & Jillian_596

Caleb & Jillian_601

Caleb & Jillian_617

Caleb & Jillian_635

Caleb & Jillian_637

Caleb & Jillian_675

Caleb & Jillian_679

Caleb & Jillian_701

Caleb & Jillian_717

Caleb & Jillian_718

Caleb & Jillian_740


john & abby – engaged

Seen as how my little brother John got married this past weekend I figured I should at least get my act together and post theirengagement photos! (from the fall…ahem). We were driving home from Fredericton and decided to have an impromptu five minute photo shoot on the side of the highway. Couple a cuties!

John & Abby- Engaged_2

John & Abby- Engaged_11

John & Abby- Engaged_13

John & Abby- Engaged_16

John & Abby- Engaged_26

John & Abby- Engaged_33

John & Abby- Engaged_38

John & Abby- Engaged_42

John & Abby- Engaged_50

John & Abby- Engaged_43-2

simon says: i’m born

Before we had our baby I used to dream about newborn photo ops, outfits, backgrounds- capturing every little moment and detail of this new life on my camera. When we had him reality hit- when does anyone have time to take photos of a newborn?! My camera remained in it’s bag as I attended to far more important matters, like learning how to breastfeed, crying on my mom’s shoulder, sleeping whenever I could and of course, falling in love with the baby I was holding! Thankfully I did manage to take a few here and there, to at least document this sweet and fleeting stage before it’s gone.


A fresh baby: 8lb 6oz


1 month


6 weeks.



ok yes, I love baby feet…